About Us

Commitment to quality

Locally owned and operated by Paul Mogannam and family, BurgerMeister® is dedicated to providing customers with delicious food and exceptional service at an affordable price.

We keep our menu simple so that we can focus on providing, consistent, superior quality food and service.

Vegetables and greens are all locally sourced from reputable farms to ensure they’re fresh and flavorful. Burgers are made with Niman Ranch beef from Marin County, where livestock are humanely treated, fed the purest natural feeds (with no animal by-products or waste), never given growth hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics, and raised on land that is cared for as a sustainable resource.

Our food is made to order, the way you want it and the way you like it. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we want every meal at BurgerMeister to be memorable and enjoyable.

With five Bay Area locations and growing, BurgerMeister is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week – we look forward to your next visit! And please consider us for your next party or event – we’re happy to assist you with all your catering needs.

Why BurgerMeister®?

Because you deserve to know where your food comes from...

BurgerMeister® supports a greener Earth by engaging in environmentally conscious business practices, utilizing recyclable materials and all natural biodegradable packaging whenever possible.

Management Team

Paul Mogannam | Founder & CEO

Paul Mogannam, Founder and CEO

Niman Ranch Farms

Niman Ranch Farms

  • Pasture raised in open fields promoting healthy social structure
  • Free range beef with full access to the outdoors
  • 100% vegetarian fed
  • Sustainably and humanely raised
  • Never given hormones or antibiotics
  • Our own custom grind offers more texture, is ground daily, locally, and is never frozen
  • No artificial nitrites or nitrates
  • All-natural meats raised by small family farmers committed to



  • Made in Tillamook, OR
  • Made from happy cow’s milk raised in Oregon
  • Cows are never given rBST or any other hormones
  • Made with vegetarian microbial rennet

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow

  • San Francisco, CA
  • A San Francisco favorite, made with dairy from cows that are never given any rBST or any other growth hormones.
    - The Great American Lick-Off by Boston Magazine, Chicago Magazine, L.A. Magazine, Miami Magazine, N.Y. Magazine, & more



  • San Francisco, CA
  • Started more than 160 years ago in San Francisco, Ghirardelli’s premium chocolate company is oldest continuously operating

BurgerMeister® also proudly serves VeggieMeister, Frank's RedHot Original and Hidden Valley Ranch.

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